Terms and Conditions

1.  Terms of Service

These terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) are part of the "www.dmrcollectables.com.au" website. This includes a purchase terms and conditions and our privacy policy. *In this document, the term "We/Us/Our" is referring to www.dmrcollectables.com.au as a whole.
*In this document, the term "Website" is referring to the website that is www.dmrcollectables.com.au In this Document, DMR Collectables is referring to the website.*In this document, "users" includes the customers to DMR Collectables.

2. Acceptance and changes to Terms and Conditions
Whenever you use our website, you accept and are therefore bound to our terms and conditions and you understand we may at any time change our Terms and Conditions.

3. Privacy / Registered users
     3.A; Certain areas of our website will require an account. When you make this account, you are bound by our terms and conditions. When you create an account, a username and password will be either given to you or created by you, DMR Collectables is not obligated to verify the Users details on the website. 
     3.B; When you receive your login details including your password and username, DMR collectables advises you do not give these details out to anyone. You are responsible for the security of your login details and you should never give these details out to anyone.
     3.C; DMR Collectables will never contact you requesting your username and password. If you receive correspondence of which you are requested to give out your information we advise you contact us on "Info@dmrcollectables.com.au
     3.D; In accordance with the privacy policy, DMR Collectables collects uses and discloses personal information. Each time you visit the website, you agree that DMR Collectables can use your information in accordance with the privacy policy.
     3.E; DMR Collectables reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This includes registered users.

5. Other Information
     5.A: All prices are listed in AUD. 
     5.B: DMR Collectables reserves the right to hold giveaways and competitions for users. Due to the nature of these giveaways, the full terms and conditions apply, DMR Collectables holds no liability during these events.  
     5.C: We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. 

6. Shipping Policy
6.A Once users confirm their orders, an email will be sent with a confirmation number. Once the item has been sent, the user will receive another e-mail with tracking. 
6.B: DMR Collectables will always ensure a users order to be packed efficiently and carefully. because of this, we do not accept liability for damaged goods. If a user has made an order, the user can use the contact form shown on the website or the chat shown on the website, the user can request an image of the package if so desired.
6.C: If an order has multiple release dates further fees may apply, you will be given options as to whether you want one shipment, or split shipments. Further fees may apply on shipments with multiple release dates. You will not be charged automatically, we will always contact you before further payment is required.

 7. Refund/Exchange Policy
DMR Collectables has a "No refund" Policy. This includes but not limited too:

7.1. Damaged Goods.
 1.A: We make sure we pack your products efficiently - because of this we accept no liability for damaged items.

7.2. Change of mind.
 2.A: We're unable and therefore refuse to accommodate if you simply 'changed your mind.' You will not receive a refund for this reason. 


We are experiencing heavy delays with the release of some items. While there are restrictions overseas this will generally overlap to us here in Australia. Unless the time has exceeded 6 months we will not be able to refund these items. (Shipping from Japan takes months alone.)

8. Release Dates
All release dates given are estimations.

9. Inventory
We have a few different selections for our inventory depending on the product. "Preorder / ETA" "Available Now!", "In Stock / On Hand." "Backorder"

9.1 On Hand / In Stock
If an item says "On hand" or "In Stock" We physically have the item at our warehouse!

9.2 Available Now 
If an item says "Available now, this item has already been released and is still available to order.

9.3 Preorder / ETA
If an item has either "Preorder" or an "ETA" it has not been released and is available to preorder. The ETA is an estimated release date, this is subject to change.

9.4 Backorders
If an item has "Backorder" on its description, this means the item must be ordered again from the manufacturer. We can not give a definitive time as to when backorders will become available.

10. Pre-Order Policy
All Pre-Orders are expressions of interest. While we will always try our best to supply these figures DMR Collectables cannot guarantee the items will be available at the time of release. 

11. Legal: Weapons
Some items require a permit to own in Victoria. If an order is placed from Victoria, we will contact you for permit verification. To find out which items are unavailable without a permit please see individual product pages.